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Customized Imprinted
Pens are Keepsakes!

Custom Imprinted
Low Cost Pens!

Make promotional products an integral part of your marketing mix and watch clients grab onto your message.

Promotional products will:
• Drive traffic to your tradeshow booth
• Improve response rates on direct mail campaigns
• Increase referrals
• Improve return business
• Improve employee morale


Give "YOU BRANDED" items to Customers and
new prospects.

Imprinted items help create your individual brand within the organization you represent.

As well they provide tangible evidence of your commitment to serving your customer.

Ensure you get the recognition you have earned.

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Competitors are after your clients.
Keep up your marketing program and retain your most valuable asset.
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Order your imprinted pens today!
Believe it, an item as inexpensive as an imprinted pen can make the difference between getting or not getting that next transaction. Don't miss out on the marketing benefit that imprinted pens will deliver every day. All you have to do is purchase your pens imprinted with your logo, contact information and message. The pens become a part of your presentation and keep your name, message and contact information handy. Each custom imprinted pen brings your company one step closer to securing
more customers, more repeat business and more sales.


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Promotional products with imprinted corporate logos are everywhere.
You probably use at least one item every day without realizing it. Writing instruments, such as ballpoint pens and engraved pen sets are among the most popular items for personalization. An imprinted pen is an extremely affordable way to advertise your company and establish credibility within your community.

Business executives bought over 7 billion dollars worth of promotional products last year. Each one of these purchases was a direct method of effective advertising. Each custom imprinted pen brings your company one step closer to securing more customers and more sales, which will help you to achieve more revenue. Writing instruments are a strong, influential method of direct marketing to customers and prospects.

As a business tool, promotional writing instruments are a versatile way to modify behavior, motivate people, and generate goodwill. Ballpoint pens or custom pen items can be distributed at press releases, employee gatherings, supplier meetings, customer greetings, and to the general community. When integrated into marketing strategies, promotional writing instruments can enhance advertising, direct mail campaigns, events, and the successful efforts of your sales force. Promotional writing instruments help you to remain in the forefront of customer’s minds long after
your official campaign is over.

Promotional products you create by just adding your business card!
Addmycard magnetic products
Magnetic Sports schedules NFL Schedules. Fridge magnets attract deals.

Custom Imprinted Pens to promote your brand every day.
Bic pens are the most reliable

Imprinted Pens can be used to:

• Create company awareness
• Entice prospects to visit your trade show booth
• Create excitement or an element of fun for a new product or service launch
• Provide incentives for dealers or customers to purchase larger product quantities
• Give away as Souvenirs and gifts
• Capture the media's attention
• Thank customers, suppliers, or employees
• Boost short-term sales
• Reinforce key messages and benefits keep contact information handy

Promotional custom pens are used everyday. If you take the price per custom pen and divide that by the number of times someone notices the imprinted logo or message, you will see the amazing cost-effective financial translation of these promotional pen investments.

We offer a wide selection of quality ballpoint pens, wholesale pens, discount pens, engraved pen sets, office and custom imprinted pens with your logo or message. Prices for these ballpoint pens and engraved pen sets are lower
than anything else you will find on the market.


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